Falling In Love

As we can see here- falling in love is most certainly a health hazard.

Love, my friends, is one cunning fox. It lures you in at the start with feelings of exhilaration and bites you when you are too deep within it to escape.

Remember that lovely person you fell for? Well unfortunately in due time, he or she will soon become possessed by love and do some really mean things to you. Emotional blackmail, sarcasm, feelings of jealousy…all tools of the trade to hurt your poor poor heart.

In fact, some of you are even guilty of doing all that yourselves. Well. At least I know I was guilty of doing that 😦

And it all goes downhill when you have a break-up. Milder cases leave you in a lousy mood for the next few months and the more serious ones include hiring a bodyguard to protect you from your murderous ex.

To illustrate how dangerous love is, just take a look at any insurance company. Even they refuse to offer coverage for a broken heart.

Teenagers are the ones most at risk, because it is one thing to be too immature to be in a relationship and another to be too immature to realize that you really are immature.

The irony of the modern dating scene is that youths are dating at an even younger age (much to the horror of their parents) but grow more unwilling to commit as they enter adulthood.

You know what’s the reason? Teenagers, too young to handle the complexities of a relationship, get into a relationship only to be slapped in the face by reality once the honeymoon period is over and are unable to pick up the pieces in the aftermath.

Having seen the perils of love in their teens, like a child who touched a boiling kettle, we learn to stay far, FAR, away from it when we grow older.

But through it all, it is most perplexing that none of us have really given up on love. We would still very much like to believe in it but never will we give away our hearts that easily again.

Maybe it is the only positive outcome of getting burnt by love; only then would you know how it felt like to be hurt and could never, under any circumstances, bear to cause that kind of hurt to another.

Whatever it is; the next time I’m going freefalling I’m bringing a big parachute with me.


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