Not My Problem

As we can see here- your problem is, unfortunately for you, not my problem.

Honestly, have any of you ever met this kind of people? They range from classmates who look for you to help in their projects when you haven’t even started with yours to co-workers who like to talk about how terrible their job is.

Their age groups may differ but they all have the same thing in common; they have this strange misconception that their problem should be your problem too.

One day if I had to deal with another one of these cases again I will whip out my notepad and pen and draw the above diagram as follows:

*draws a circle*

“You see this circle? Everything in it consists of the things I care about.”

*draws a cross just outside the circle*

“Your problem lies here.”

I know I sound really mean but I really am not, really. I might help an acquaintance the first time if that isn’t too much of a hassle, maybe even a second time too. But after the third time it starts getting exploitive.

Wanting to talk about or find help for a problem is very natural, but why in the world would you want to share your problems with someone you hardly know?

And although I detest random people coming to me with their problems, it is almost schizophrenic that I find friends coming to me with their problems flattering. I mean, the reason why he or she is sharing their problem with you is because they trust you to keep it to yourself or believe that you have the ability to help them out, isn’t it?

That is why I always go all out to help a buddy in need, I am sure there are some who will vouch for me, I hope.

To check if you are my friend just hop onto Facebook and look at my friends list. If your name isn’t on it then uhm…too bad.

But alas, friends being friends, they usually bring to me problems of much higher difficulties which always lead to a certain problem…

Do not laugh at how small my area of expertise is.

If you have read ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ you would know that men pride themselves as problem-solvers and telling them your problems means you want their help solving it.

This is why men don’t like to talk about their feelings. It is something that cannot be solved easily.

And while most men get frustrated when they cannot solve a problem, I get panicky that I have failed the expectations of my friends and my ego takes a nosedive.

When that happens, I usually console myself by thinking that at least I provided a listening ear to a friend in need. That’s what we Sagittarius do best; hang out with you for a whole day talking about anything and actually enjoying it too.

So in case you need someone to listen to your woes and your sorrows you know who to look for. But check if you are on my Facebook friends list first, or else please refer to the image at the start of this column.


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