Herd Mentality

As we can see here- sheep are not at the top of the food chain because they are best at following other sheep blindly.

The citizens of Singapore are some of the most fervid subscribers of herd mentality on the face of Earth if you did ask me. First came the long queues for Hello Kitty soft toys and then it was the bubble tea craze. Both were such red hot topics of their times that even the national newspapers ran articles about them.

If New Zealand is famous for having more sheep than humans, then Singapore should be famous for having more people behaving like sheep than anywhere else.

So what’s the latest trend? Iphone fever.

Singaporeans who own these generic phones like to think that they reached the next level of coolness. I like to think they look like two idiots who turned up at a costume party wearing the same, totally identical, costume.

At this moment you would have probably guessed correctly that I am not one for following trends all that much.

Not following the crowd has its pains too you know. Just the other day I was looking for a protective casing for my phone (of a rarer model) in some mobile accessory shop. The lady at the shop told me they only had one type and it was one of those rubbery, tight-fitting kinda casings.

I didn’t like it and fortunately for her she didn’t speak English, otherwise I would have told her “No thank you, it feels like I am holding my phone with a condom on.”

So like the polite boy my mommy raised me to be, I just smiled, shook my head and beat a hasty retreat.

There could be many reasons why Singaporeans turned out this way, but for simplicity’s sake I shall just blame it all on the government. A rigid education system that stifles creativity. A social culture of relentless material pursuit that rarely lets us stop to smell the roses.

And who can ever forget the system that (used to) crack down on people with…different…political views?

Thus in a society that favors conformity, I have a notable amount of respect for those who dare to deviate from the norm and strive to keep themselves original.

Individuality is a commodity that many of us often overlook; many people living in oppressive countries may never experience what we have here. Your day-to-day choices should be one based on what you think best represents yourself and not just because everyone else is into it.

Otherwise we will all be living in a world of monotonous uniformity, wouldn’t that be just dreadful?


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