No Expectations

As we can see here- when the outcome falls short of the expectation, there will be disappointment.

I learnt a very important lesson this week.

How many times have you stepped into a highly-recommended restaurant only to find out that even you could cook better than them? How many times have you bought a latest gadget only to find out that half of the things you hoped it could do did not turn out as you hoped it would?

How many times have you raised your expectations of something only to let the outcome disappoint you?

The lesson here is a very simple one; when you set high expectations for something, you also set yourself up for disappointment.

Fortunately in this case, the opposite holds true too, allow me to explain.

Last week, I was offered a new job. However due to some unfavorable job conditions, there was a lot of hand wringing and second-guessing on my part whether to accept it or not.

In the end, I decided it was a Sagittarius thing to plunge into something I had never done before without thinking too much about how it would turn out.

Now one week wiser, I know that it would have been one of my biggest regrets to have turned down that job offer. My new job isn’t a job my readers, it almost feels like I’m being paid to play.

So I guess this week’s story has a happy ending. Everyone likes a happy ending right? Especially if it involves me ^_^

I just find it so fascinating that something as simple as consciously lowering or not having any expectation from something can have such a positive effect on your emotions.

Furthermore, in situations where you have a role in affecting the outcome, like a new relationship or a new job, maybe it is best to not think too much about what you are going to get out of it.

Instead, just focus on giving it your 100% effort and knowing in your heart that you did your best. You will just have to trust that the universe has its ways of rewarding your good work, even if it is not immediate.

This could be why all my past blog attempts failed. I expected perfection when we all know that perfection is an unachievable feat.

Thus, I hope none of you are really expecting excellent articles from here, because I know this blog was founded on imperfections. Or else the only thing you’ll find here would be disappointment…and anger towards me.


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