Use Protection

As we can see here- an ex-girlfriend is something you don’t want to have, even more so if she’s psycho.

There are many horror stories of crazy exes, let me tell you about mine.

I am really really sure that my ex stalks me on Facebook. Seriously. I may not have much evidence, but I swear to you she is.

Knowing darn well that she would be following my every move online, I figured that she would read my first article on this blog (Falling In Love, in you forgot what it was). Hence to avoid any misunderstanding between us, I dropped her a message on Facebook to inform her that there was no underlying meaning in that article.

The long and short of her reply was that she didn’t even know about my blog in the first place and that she’ll keep an eye on it from now on. In fact I bet she’s reading this very article right now.

Okay, maybe in hindsight this is more of a case of a retarded paranoid ex-boyfriend than a crazy stalking ex-girlfriend, but you get my point right? Exes drive all of us up the wall, whether intentionally or not, in ways varying from physical to emotional.

Since I spent most of my time living in fear of my ex, I have a lot of time to think about what counter-measures I could take to protect myself. So short of deleting my Facebook account, the next best thing I could think of would be to get a new girlfriend.

Our society’s view of gender equality has unfortunately not evolved to the point where the general public finds it acceptable for a man to physically defend himself from a lady; even if she is armed with a baseball bat.

The only plausible way out would be to match fire with fire by getting a new girlfriend. I read somewhere that women are both nurturing (girlfriend-like) and protective (bodyguard-like). Two for the price of one! Yay!

Of course not forgetting my female readers; if you find yourselves having ex-boyfriend troubles, feel free to use my suggestion and get a new boyfriend. Wouldn’t it be so exciting to watch the guy on guy action when they start roughing up each other?

Delegating the job of dealing with your ex to your new partner makes it a lot easier for you since you do not need to face the person you had that ugly break-up with. And I’m sure your new partner would be more than willing to help you out if you exaggerate just a little about how helpless you feel.

Then again, just because there’s a solution that doesn’t mean I would take it (refer to the first article again to understand why).

Furthermore, what happens if you break up with your new girlfriend? Gosh, then you’ll have to deal with TWO psycho ex-girlfriends…


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