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Heart Wreck

August 15, 2011

As we can see here- no one wants to buy a faulty product, would you?

There are a lot of great things about being a guy, like getting to pee standing up. Other times well…not so much, especially if someone was a tad bit careless with your heart.

When girls go through a bad break up there will be a lot of tears, a lot of drama and most definitely, a lot of ice cream being eaten. But at least they have their girlfriends to share all of that with, women are renowned for backing up their sisters in times of crisis.

People who come to hear of her story would also be sympathetic and excuse any of her foul temperaments. Some of the more opportunistic members of the opposite sex would even see this as their chance to show her how caring they are to win her heart for himself.

Unfortunately, society isn’t as kind on the male species.

People in general aren’t comfortable with males talking about their feelings; even writing about the subject of love will raise the eyebrows of most of my peers *twiddles thumbs*

Best part is that you won’t find much support amongst other men either. Not accustomed to seeing another counterpart in his moment of weakness, many would conjure up the silliest excuse to avoid an awkward conversation.

And to add insult to injury, almost everyone would come to a quick (yet inaccurate) assumption that it was the guy’s fault for being a jerk when a relationship falls apart. Sad but you’ll have to agree the prejudice is there.

So men being what society demands them to be pull through the hurt quietly as if it had never happened. Some fully recover and move on to more fruitful relationships, while some others live haunted by the ghosts of their past. Because time will heal all broken hearts, just not the pulverised ones.

So what do this second group of men do when they try to move on?

Having been out of action for some time, they would have cleanly forgotten how to court a lady. Since the safest thing to do when you know nothing is to do nothing, they would do just that and wait for a girl to steal their heart.

But we all know that statistically speaking, he would have had a higher chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Thus after some time he could maybe, grow a little impatient and try to woo a girl that he likes. Now it is pretty difficult to describe the scene here in words but it would look a bit like a clown trying to run up a slope covered with banana peels.

Very comical yet very tragic.

But just when he is about to give up and concede that all hope is lost, sometimes, ever so rarely, the right girl walks into his life. The light at the end of the tunnel.

But he spends too much time second-guessing himself and being too afraid to do anything. By the time he makes his move, it would have been far too late, and he would have to be content with watching the girl slip away, never to be seen again…


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Double Standards

August 9, 2011

As we can see here- sometimes in life, we have to deal with two-faced jerks.

Singaporeans are notorious for complaining. Strangely enough, that isn’t enough to stop them from doing so and some are even proud of it. Lately I have been thinking about this trait of ours when the realization hit me like a train.

Now try to stick with me on my long line of thought; if one complains about something, that would mean one condemns that action or inaction. And since one disagrees with that action or inaction, one should either A) be trying to correct the situation or B) not following that person’s behavior.

So if everyone does either option A or B, we would have nothing to complain about now would we?

Let us take for example the issue of people not giving up seats for the elderly on buses and trains. Instead of exercising option A of asking the sleeping person politely to vacant his or her seat for an elderly, most would just quietly shake their heads. A lot of help you are huh?

And when was the last time you helped an elderly cross the road or carried their shopping? How about even doing a good deed for a random stranger? Well, at least I know I am guilty of not practicing option B too.

So it is official folks; Singapore isn’t a nation of complainers or even brats who had been spoil rotten by its baby-sitting government. We are a nation of hypocrites and sloths.

I am honestly very tired of all this negativity, all this whining about every single aspect of life ranging from the cost of living to minute issues like how you don’t want any bloody flyers in your mailbox.

If life is so painful for you and your only recourse is to whine about it and not get off your lazy ass to do something about it, please jump off a building and spare the rest of us your misery.

Sometimes I read about other countries in times of trouble and I am in awe of their civic-mindedness, their willingness to rally together with their countrymen.

Then I think about what would happen in Singapore during times of crisis and I shudder. We have citizens who are well known for their aggressiveness on the roads in their normal day-to-day lives, do you think they would even cast you a second glance when their lives are at stake?

Sometimes I wish if only we could give up some of the wealth, the good governance, the security of our country in exchange for a more gracious society and not be trapped in our status quo of a me-first mentality.

Having written this article, I of course intend to change my behaviors for the better…so I shall promise two things from this day onward.

1) To stay off Singaporean online forums where you will only find hate and anger and only get yourself upset.

2) To greet the bus driver every time I board the bus in hopes that I would not only make someone’s day, but also make Singapore a friendlier, happier place to live in. It is not much I must admit, but at least I am trying.


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